Overshare Beware

Too Much Info?

As a motivational speaker, I try to be uplifting and inspirational. But it’s hard sometimes because people can be oblivious. Have you ever had someone corner you – someone you hardly know – and blather on, telling you his deepest, darkest. Clearly the expectation is that you’ll sit like a bobble-head doll, head bouncing up and down, and quietly listen. What?!

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Have you ever left your house, happily arrived at your destination, only to have that “where the heck is my phone” panic scramble? This includes, but is not limited to: patting down pockets, reaching into bags, completely dumping said bags, searching under car seat. All the while your eyes are darting around, frozen in time, hoping that a flash will hit, reminding you of your last phone encounter.

Last week I had that panic scramble while out running errands. The unthinkable had occurred: I left my phone at home. Breathing slowly, I told myself that I was only running a few errands. What could go wrong? I reassured myself that I’d soon be reunited with my phone.

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Happy New Eyes – Let’s Rock Resolutions!

After many years of sticking plastic lenses in my eyes, I developed an allergy to my contacts. Can you say, “Owieeeee??!?” Lasik always sounded like the way to go, but fear always got the best of me. No longer able to wear contacts, I researched doctors, did the whole pre-screen thing, and had the surgery DONE (really!) within a week (I knew that waiting and thinking about it would mess with my head.)

So here I am a few weeks later, seeing better than ever and wondering why I didn’t do this sooner. When I squint my right eye, I can hear the famous Steve Austin, “do-do-do-do-do” (bionic eye sound effect).

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Tis the Season to Be Busy

My mantra is to have less stress and more fun in my life. What could be more fun than the Holiday Season, right?

Wait. What? Sadly, the holidays seem to bring less fun and more stress! The tipping point for me has been one small question: Are you ready for Christmas?  Heavens NO!

But… you go ahead… dress your car like Rudolf and inflate your inflatables. Or keep them deflated on your lawn, if you prefer. Unpack that holiday blingy sweater with the pulsing lights, trees, snowflakes and reindeer. Break out the recycled, regifted fruit cake. GO for it!  Just don’t ask ME if I’m ready for Christmas.

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Mean People Suck (profits and kill your bottom line)

When did people stop having fun in their jobs? Granted, I know not every job is “fun,” but turn that frown upside down, Grumpy Pants. Global Whining is at epidemic proportions. Don’t add to it! If you can add play into your work, you may find that people like to work with you, customers are happier, and a better bottom line is the result.

As a professional speaker, I travel…a lot. By now, you’d think I had perfected it. Not so. Two million miles on American, I still travel like a rookie. It is not unusual for me to haphazardly pack the morning of a trip, leave late and have to sprint through the airport while saying a prayer for a short security line. Shake your head if you will – I shake my head enough for both of us – but it is sort of S.O.P for me. On a recent multi-city trip, I missed the cut-off to check my bag (full of books) by 2 minutes.

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Thanksgiving – the Right Way

Last week I asked my 6-year-old what she was thankful for and she replied, “Thanksgiving is not until next week.” Huhhh? So I had to whip out the, “We should be thankful everyday” speech. That got me thinking about thanking people, which led me to what bugs me about saying thanks and contemplating how we can do it better.

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The Cost Of Free Time

Like many of you, I have no fewer than 3 full time jobs. Truly. For me, it’s full-time speaker, full-time parent, full-time author-preneur. I know, it’s not possible to have three full times at once, but somehow I’ve pulled it off, triple-timing through August 22, 2011 (a date etched in my mind!), the day my youngest started kindergarten.

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Talk Show No-Go

It’s some people’s guilty pleasure, and some people’s trashy treasure. There is a hostile takeover of the airwaves by sleazy television shows (affectionately called “Junk TV” in our house) – and I almost got sucked into the moral vacuum. Most reality and talk shows are like car accidents. You don’t want to look, but you can’t help yourself! Turn it off. No! Maybe I’ll just watch a bit longer. OFF! No! Have you ever had that happen before? You just pass by a show and end up indulging in the insanity – but just for a few minutes. And then a few MORE minutes? This is followed by disbelief that you wasted the last (insert crazy number) minutes of your life that you will never get back. Where is the Men in Black memory erase device when you need it? I digress…

Where Do They Get These People?

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Anti-Social Media

BranchOut has me out on a limb. Have you been invited to Facebook’s professional networking entry into the LinkedIn world? It started to clog my newsfeed until I downloaded FB Purity ( — thankfully, it’s free!) which alters your Facebook home page, showing only the most relevant information by filtering out the annoying and irrelevant messages in your newsfeed. It’s sweeeet!

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