Tis the season to be stressing…fa la la la BLAH! Between placing holiday decor, creating the perfect Christmas atmosphere, gifts for all, clever cards and finding a new place for Elf on a Shelf, many of us find this most wonderful time of year overwhelming. Getting the pre-lit tree to light seems impossible, yet there are those who have time to synchronize their outdoor lights to Gangnam Style!

Wait! Don’t let this harried season pass you by without taking time to enjoy life. Many of us bring on our own stress scenario. Do you need some helpful holiday ideas?  Here we go…


• Feel free to skip the Christmas Newsletter. We know your kids are the smartest and cutest. We also know where you have been on vacation. Don’t you know I follow you on Facebook?

• Send a Happy New Year card in January if you can’t get it together now.

• Wear and repeat. Yes you can wear the same sequin scarf you wore last year. No one will remember. Take the money you’d have spent on new holiday bling and drive your contribution down to the homeless shelter. It will be far more meaningful.

Deck your halls with less. Putting up fewer decorations means less time putting them away. Twinkle lights go a long way to brighten a room.

• Instead of worrying about what to give people in your life who have everything already, adopt a needy family.

Store bought cookies can be very tasty.

• Give gifts of time and skills instead of things – cut your neighbor’s grass for a month, take your brother’s kids for the weekend.

• Skip mall madness.Try online shopping! You’ve gotta love free shipping and gift-wrapping.

• When people ask if you are “ready for the holidays,” say yes and smile. What does “ready” mean anyway?

Don’t drive yourself crazy trying to do everything. Just make a few simple changes to welcome the season. Enjoy the lights. Go hear carolers at the park. Drink hot cocoa-spike if you like. But most importantly, take the time to enjoy the people you love this Holiday season! Cheers!

  1. Bobbe’s contributions…
    1.Enlist Jeff White’s shopping mantra:
    “Don’t spend more time shopping for it than they’ll spend enjoying it.”

    2.Regift the Smoker to Jeff again this year. He ain’t not never even had the dang thang outa the box yet. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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