Do You Need Some ‘Conscious Uncoupling’?

bvYou may have heard this term recently regarding the break-up of a certain celeb couple. Ahhh, the joy of semantics. My eye roll also got me thinking about the end of relationships — both personally and professionally. Maybe we could all use more Conscious Uncoupling in our lives. Is it a bad thing? Sad thing? Maybe it’s a really good thing!

Have you ever been in a friendship that was totally exhausting? You go for dinner with this “friend” and return home only to feel beaten-up and drained? Have you ever wondered why you return to the same dry cleaner  — the one who has scorched seven of your best shirts?

But how can you break up? All that history! You may feel that you have been together for so long that you can’t — you went to third grade together! You were in each others’ weddings! This is your golf buddy! Or maybe it’s the accountant who’s been doing your taxes for 30 years?

Wait! Did you know that maintaining any of these relationships is not required? It is voluntary.

Know When to Say NO…MORE

Friendship is a precious thing. So too are solid relationships with doctors, bankers, pet sitters and manicurists. Connections with people who lift you up are nourishing and rewarding. Connecting with those who drag you down is exhausting! Determine how you feel most of the time during these interactions. If the relationship always leaves you feeling drained, perhaps it is time to move on. “Save the Drama for your Mama!”

Confrontation? Yikes!

Deep down you know what to say and do. Actually, you have two clear choices: you can be honest or simply avoid the person completely. If you take the more direct approach, make sure to use “I” language. “Right now I need to spend more time with my family.” Or, “I think I need to take a break.” Heck, you don’t have to explain anything if you don’t want to. Just make sure you leave the other person with ego intact. Be kind. Be caring. Send the person off with love and good wishes.

What’s Next?

Understand that you have the power to choose who you want to be with in your life. Releasing those negative people opens the door for new and better relationships. Don’t feel guilty. Relationships evolve. Time is precious. Be a best friend to yourself and decide to do some Conscious Uncoupling. Unless it is with me…I will try to do better. I love you. Truly. Don’t leave me.

Do you have a Conscious Uncoupling story? Share below!