Done is Better Than Perfect


As the holiday crunch rolls on, I am in full panic mode. Cards to create, teacher gifts still to buy, long distance gifts awaiting shipment, monthly pictures for our family calendars yet to be selected, and every night I sit bolt upright at 1AM, because I’ve forgotten to move the frickin’ Elf on a Shelf. Wait, not only do you have to move the Elf, you also need to find something creative for him to be doing!? Pinterest, anyone?

Hold on…here’s the thing– I waited on our cards because the pictures didn’t look that great and I questioned my card idea (we did a Duck Dynasty take-off– don’t ask). I held off on the calendar because I could’t find the right picture of my sister-in-law for the month of May. I didn’t ship the presents because I wanted a few more useless things for the nephews’ stockings. STOP THE MADNESS!

My engineer “voice of reason” husband calmly tells me that if the calendars don’t arrive until Jan 1st, the family will still love them. Will my nephew notice that he doesn’t have the same amount of plastic crap in his stocking as his brother? Well, maybe, but he’ll get over it. If the Elf isn’t doing something wildly creative, does it make me a bad mom? I think not.

In stressful times, DONE IS BETTER THAN PERFECT. BTW, this does not count for bridge builders and brain surgeons, as well as others who are responsible for wildly important tasks. This is for those of us who put undue pressure on ourselves over trivial matters. The holidays should be a fun time of year. But, every time I see a mom relaxing at Starbucks drinking a latte, and she asks me, “Are you ready for Christmas?” I want to smack that latte out of her hands along with that smug (I handmade my presents this year) smile. Anyone with me on this?

Time for a wake-up call. As a motivational speaker, I know that it doesn’t matter what happens to you; it is how you respond that matters. Clearly, I’m getting sucked into the minutiae. Join me in shifting your perspective. Let’s make time to do truly meaningful things — connect with an old friend, personally deliver a thank you card or buy a gift for someone who is truly needy.

Put the jolly back in the holiday. You’ve heard it before, “Don’t sweat the small stuff” and it’s true! Done is better than perfect. Boxes shipped. Cards out with average pictures. Baked goods for the school party from the grocery. The Elf in a boring pose. It’s all good.

This season, give yourself the gift of not being perfect. You will still end up on the NICE LIST, keep your sanity and make other around you merrier too.

What are you going to let go of this holiday season? Sound off here!