LET IT GO [not just a catchy movie tune!]

let it go2Oh, how I wish I could belt out a tune like Idina Menzel in Disney’s Frozen. Well, I can belt it out, but the dogs in the neighborhood howl wildly. No worries. I don’t let my lack of singing skills stop me with this song. It is just too perfect. Let It Go. Many of us need a song like this as a stress mantra.

When your anger is triggered, it is hard to think logically. Having a mantra such as “Let It Go,” or one of your choosing can save the day. But alas, the words don’t always work! So make up your own to fit the bill.

It happened just the other day. My son could not get over something my daughter did, so I began singing Let it Go and made up my lyrics:

Let it go
Let it go
I’m one with peace and calmmmm
Let it go
Let it goooooo
I love being your mommmmm
Here I stand and here I’ll stayyyy
Let the fight rage on
Your fighting never bothered me anyway!

Yup, you have no idea how many songs I have ruined for my kids this way.

A theme song may come in handy when:

  • You get worked up over something trivial
  • You come across something you have no control over
  • Someone breaks one of your pet peeve rules
  • Your partner/spouse does something to annoy you
  • You’re about to explode

Have you heard this Disney song so many times from your kids that you find IT is the trigger for your anger?!? Find the perfect song for you! Is it Survivors, Eye of the Tiger? Rhianna’s, Bulletproof? Katy Perry’s, Roar? Frank Sinatra’s, My Way? Sing it loud and proud and LET IT GO!

Do you have a stress mantra song that works better? Comment below!