Christine Cashen Helps Organizations be More Innovative, Better Handle Conflict, Reduce Stress and Energize Employees

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Christine Cashen is a dynamic speaker and humorista. Organizations throughout the world love Christine and bring her back year-after-year for fast-paced, hilarious, content-rich keynote speeches.

For over 15 years, Christine has delivered hundreds of talks at conferences and conventions throughout the United States, Canada, South Africa and Australia. She is a thought leader on a wide range of topics— providing audiences with the tools to become more innovative, better handle conflict, reduce stress and energize employees.

Story Angles and Topics

Christine Cashen is available to contribute unique insights, sound bites and featured content to media professionals working on various innovation, conflict, stress and employee related topics, articles and interviews.

All content provided is customized for your specific needs and target outcomes. Possible story angles include:

  • The Secret to Getting What You Want with What You’ve Got
  • How to Make a Difference in Your Workplace and Life
  • The Keys to Having More Fun, Improving Productivity and Morale
  • How to Work with Fewer Staff and Declining Resources
  • How to Identify, Understand and Approach Conflict Creatively
  • The Secrets to Defuse Anyone in Any Situation
  • How to Lower Stress and Improve Job Satisfaction

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