Procrastinate Later

As I look around my office, I see the land of unfinished projects: kid’s artwork meant for scrapbooks, client files stationed on my desk to remind me to send a special thank you note, info from conferences waiting for action, and randomness that needs to be filed (but should be tossed instead). 

Do you live on SOMEDAY ISLE too?  Someday I’ll have time to make those special memory books. Someday I’ll purge the paper that I don’t need. Someday I’ll tackle my “that would be nice to do” list. Of course, all of this hinges on the dreaded phrase, “When I have time!”

Suddenly it hit me — I’m waiting for time that really doesn’t exist. Phantom Time. That is, time that will always be replaced with more important tasks. Always.

However, it is not a lost cause. We can do some things to jump-start into action:

GET THE URGE TO PURGE                                                                                                                    

Learn to let go. Take one drawer, one kitchen cabinet or one office cubby that makes you crazy. Set a timer for 20 minutes and go to town. Be tough on yourself. Do you really need this? If you haven’t touched an item recently, maybe it isn’t that important. It’s like when you get ready to move, and you realize that you haven’t unpacked boxes from your previous move. Years have passed and obviously you haven’t missed the contents. Sell, recycle, donate — it feels great!

YOU’VE GOT TO MOVE IT MOVE IT                                                                                          

Remember the line from the kids movie, Madagascar? You really do have to move it! Don’t just shuffle things from one side of your desk to the other. Get rid of clutter piles. Take action. Do it. Delegate it. Or dump it.

TAKE A PICTURE — IT WILL LAST LONGER                                                                                          

Who says you have to keep every art project your kids create? Take pictures and put them in a photo book from Shutterfly. What will your kids do with a box of their handprints and macaroni sculptures when they are adults? A book takes up less space, collects less dust, and is far easier to enjoy.

GO SET READY                                                                                                                                       

Okay, make the decision to go and do it. Set a time and space. Get ready to release yourself from the guilt. Escape from SOMEDAY ISLE. Don’t procrastinate today–do that later. Give yourself a break, and beware of phantom time. The time is now. Let’s go!

When you are finished, come back and post your purge success story. We all need to come clean!