Stop Freeze Freak Out: Top 10 Cabin Fever Chill Chasers

house covered in snowYou are stuck at home. It’s cold. It’s staying cold. You have cabin fever and the polar vortex is giving you a complex. What to do? Here are the Top 10 ways to keep your spirits high when the temps are low. Ready, Set…

1. Open that Box. Get a gift that you have yet to open? This is the perfect time to watch a Rainbow Loom video and help the kids make cool bracelets. Break out the Panini maker or put that juicer to work. Or, if you know you never will, go immediately to #7.

2. Call Your Mother. Or your father, brother, cousin, friend. It’s best if they don’t live in CA or FL – they will just rub their sunshine in your face. Connect with someone who makes you laugh or someone you haven’t talked to in a while. It is the instant pick-me-up.

3. Sochi at Home! Are the kids stir crazy too? Create an indoor Olympic course and have time trials. Heck, who needs kids? Get wooden spoons and tennis balls to create floor knee hockey. Have you heard about carpet skates? Go to and get a pair.

4. Binge Watch. Do you have that left-out feeling because you haven’t seen Orange is the New Black? Are you missing out on Game of Thrones discussions? Couch…Popcorn…Blanket…Marathon…PLAY!

5. Get Neighborly. They’re probably as stir crazy as you are! Check on them if you’re doing a grocery run. Maybe a neighborhood card game, potluck or progressive dinner tonight? You do know your neighbors, right? Get on it!

6. Clean Sweep. What “clutter space” is on your nerves? Pantry? Closet? Has your garage gone wild? You don’t have to tackle the whole project, but set the timer for 23 minutes and ROCK & ROLL!

7. Have Goodwill. Grab a bag and fill it! If you have the kids, this is the great one. We have toys that haven’t been touched in years! Everyone gets a bag and the first one who fills it decides what’s for dinner.

8. Kick the Bucket. Get started on one bucket list item. Sign up for that conversational French Class. Check out the co-ed adult soccer league. Begin planning your dream vacation.

9. Get Grateful. Write a thank you note. Connect with a grade school teacher who changed your life, or to that co-worker who always comes in with a great attitude, or to your mechanic who always and miraculously saves your ride from the salvage yard. Yup, pen, paper, stamp.

10.Change up the Grub. I’ve always wanted to make those Pinterest creations. Grab a cookbook (mine hasn’t been touched in years) or jump on a cooking site ( and break out of that “same-old-same-old” food routine.

Hang in there, Spring is around the corner, right? Right?? Hellooooo???

Write and tell me how you’ve made cabin fever fun and productive!