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The word Troll has had many meanings over the years. Where I grew up in Michigan, those in the Upper Peninsula called those who lived under the Mackinac Bridge (Lower Peninsula), Trolls. To Troll downtown, meant to “check it out.” Trolling is also a method of fishing. Do you remember the Troll dolls? I have […]

You Can Ring My Bell…Or Not

A Kroger  opened in our neighborhood. You’ve gotta love that new store smell and the fresh and perky employee attitudes. This store is awesome! It has a Sushi Bar, a Starbucks and, the Express Lanes have a sign that states, “About 15 items.” Sweet! The pressure is off. As usual, we are out of milk, […]

Stop Freeze Freak Out: Top 10 Cabin Fever Chill Chasers

You are stuck at home. It’s cold. It’s staying cold. You have cabin fever and the polar vortex is giving you a complex. What to do? Here are the Top 10 ways to keep your spirits high when the temps are low. Ready, Set… 1. Open that Box. Get a gift that you have yet […]