Tailoring Questionnaire

Your answers to these questions will allow me to customize my message for your audience and their specific needs. Please include answers of any length as this will help me understand your organization better. If you wish to download a word.doc of this form please click here.

Be sure to set up the time to fill this out in its entirety, when you hit submit I will instantly get an email. I will contact you within 24 hours. Thank you. – Christine

Program Date:
Program Title:
Program Time:
Program Location:
Hotel Confirmation Number:
Will the hotel be billed to your master account?
Emergency Contact Number:
Transportation to and from venue:
Audience Size?:
Who will introduce Christine? (intro will be sent)
What is the stage background color and room set up?
AV requirements:
Are there any events the night prior?
What time can Christine do a sound check?
What takes place immediately before and after Christine’s program?
Is there a meeting theme?
Overall objectives of this meeting:
What are the job responsibilities of audience members?
Who have you had speak in the past?
What causes the audience members the most stress?
Any specific lingo or jargon associated with this group?
Are there any running jokes, buzzwords, inside humor buttons or pet peeves?
In the audience, is there a:
"WHO" person? (plans social events, knows about everyone, etc)
"WHY" person? (big ideas, questions everything, creative)
"WHAT" person? (task driven, leader, likes to be in control)
"HOW" real analytical type of person?
Any people that look like celebrities?
Is there someone who is "always happy"?
Anyone have an interesting hobby?
What else do I need to know to WOW your audience?
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