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Danger Poison Warning Sign in Black Text and Symbols on Yellow ground

Mood Poisoning Epidemic

Watch out, be careful and on high alert – it can happen anywhere and anytime…your mood can be poisoned. You can be zipping along enjoying your day and run across a jerky person and WHAM! Instantly you are in a foul mood. Sometimes this lasts for about an hour. Other times it can last days, months or even YEARS. You know you have mood poisoning when “things just aren’t that funny” anymore, criticizing others becomes a sport, and you have an uncanny urge to slap happy people.


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Seven Habits of Highly Annoying People (H. A. P.)

I’m not quite sure if it’s the full moon or too much time on the road (perhaps a little of both) that has made me especially sensitive to certain peoples’ habits these last few weeks. I joke about the “rule breakers” of society in my presentations, but it seems like they were out in force this week as if to test me. Have you seen any H.A.P. recently?

1. Public Grooming


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