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Christine Cashen & Tami Evans


How to Stay Inspired When You’re So Darn Tired!

Get ready to feel inspired and energized with Christine’s presentation! Learn to “Compose and Dispose” of worry like a boss and figure out what really gives you energy (spoiler alert: it’s not just that double-shot latte). With tips to leverage levity, you’ll be leading by example and inspiring others in no time.

Get your groove back with tips to “flip the script” and choose your emotional state. You’ll leave feeling charged up and motivated to work your magic in both your personal and professional life. So don’t miss out on these creative and fun ideas that will help you be less tired and ready to rock every single day!

Why Can’t Everybody Just Get Along?!

Are you tired of feeling tongue-tied in tricky situations? Are you dreaming of a team that works like a well-oiled machine? Sick of personal and professional drama dragging you down? Fear not, Christine is here to help you level up your success game!

During this session, you’ll discover creative techniques to tackle problems like a boss, and you’ll learn phrase tactics to keep your cool and handle conflicts with ease. Plus, you’ll get a crash course in different personality styles, so you can communicate like a pro with anyone and everyone.
You will build up the confidence needed to face even the toughest confrontations head-on. Armed with the perfect words, you’ll achieve the results you want and build stronger relationships along the way.

Why Brainstorm When You Can Brain Hurricane!

Are you tired of a drizzly brainstorm when you could have a Brain Hurricane? Say goodbye to creative blocks and hello to great ideas in half the time! Christine has tools to boost group morale, relieve workplace tension, and get your productivity to storm status.

You’ll learn how to wake up your innovative brain and mindmap the way to your subconscious in this interaction session. Plus, the “what if” game, will generate so many ideas, you’ll need a bigger boat!
Discover how to create a creative climate, handle time stealers, and solve problems quickly.

Get ready to have a Brain Hurricane and make it rain with amazing ideas!


Emcee Squared NOW VIRTUAL!





Without energy? Thud. Dud. Meh. NOT the kind of response you’re looking for — right?

With ENERGY, events POP. Sizzle. Soar. There’s a buzz to the room. A cohesiveness to the conference. Everything feels connected. Attendees walk away feeling transformed. Inspired ideas are top of mind. Everyone feels electrified in the best possible way. Value resonates with every audience member.

And you? The one who put it all together? The one who artfully engaged a team who could put

all the right pieces in place to create that kind of synergy, fun, and unforgettable experience?

You’ll be legendary.



Meet E=emcee2, the dynamic duo of Christine Cashen and Tami Evans. Together, they’ve cracked the code for event magic.

+ Network value
+ Connection
+ First-timer engagement
+ Member retention
+ Sponsor and vendor interaction
+ Shareable moments
+ General assembly participation
+ Sense of community
+ Event flow
+ Energizing the audience
+ Timing



There’s a science to creating events that elevate the experience for the audience, create conversion, keep attendees until the end, and keep the headaches at bay. Tami and Christine have developed a formula that delivers the results you want in a way that will feel seamless, fun, exciting, creative, and collaborative for you and your entire team.

That’s a win for the event, the organization, the audiences, and a win for YOU.



Keynote Speakers, Masters of Ceremonies, Event Energizers

Often dubbed the ‘Tina and Amy’ of events, these two powerhouse speakers have a combined 40 years of speaking experience, over 1,000 events under their belts, real-deal personalities that connect with audiences, and backgrounds in theatre, performance, and broadcasting – as well as corporate and leadership experience – that make them relatable, engaging, and help keep audiences on the edge of their seats and laughing out loud.



Long before the first riser is put in place, seat positioned, or first guest arrived, you’ll know your event is in experienced hands with Tami and Christine. They’ll have expertly helped you to synchronize every facet of your conference in such a way that when the lights go up and the audience settles, you’ll feel the energy shift and the excitement electrify the room. They get the promotion, the logistics, the value needed, and the stakes invested. They also get how to create the human connections, get people on their feet, and leave audiences buzzing about their experiences for months to come.


If THAT’S what you want from YOUR next event CALL THEM! You’ll thank yourself for it! And so will your audience!

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Q: What is the best way to make your 38% first-time attendees feel welcome?


Q: What is the fastest way to create connection?


Q: What is the most important variable for your

all event participants?


Q: What is the solution for an event with connection, engagement, energy, laughter, and fun?

A: E=emcee2


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