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That is Right for Your Audience.

How to Stay Inspired When You are So Darn Tired!

Times like these can make you feel powerless and exhausted. It is time to recharge, re-frame, and re-evaluate . It doesn’t matter what happens, it is all about your response. Seize your time, shift your perspective, and take the reins on your life.
  • Identify Time Drainers and Energy Gainers
  • Change thinking patterns
  • Spark Creativity
  • Create a resilient life
  • Become a stress buster

Why Can’t Everybody Just Get Along?!

With her incredibly humorous and relatable style, Christine gives you the tools to identify, understand and approach conflict creatively.

Your audience will discover the secrets to defuse anyone in any situation, blow off steam before you boil over, and bring peace to all across the land.

Christine’s conflict and teamwork program is a wonderful interactive session, sure to help your group identify, understand and approach conflict creatively.

Extreme Humor Makeover

Get ready to bring more fun into your work day, as expert speaker and motivator Christine Cashen brings you this fast-paced, entertaining program.

You’ll discover the keys to having more fun, improving productivity and morale, while at the same time lowering stress and improving job satisfaction!

This program is ideal for an opening keynote to energize the audience or the perfect closing keynote to end your conference with a bang!

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