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FaceBook Envy

ove you Facebook—CURSE you Facebook.
Have you ever read your Facebook news feed and felt a pang of jealousy, compared yourself with others or felt as though everyone is having more fun than you?

Don’t get me wrong, I love getting a glimpse into my friends’ lives. And know this: I’m pretty happy, contented and grateful. But, I’m also human, petty and flawed! Can we all just get real here for a minute? Yes I do want to spend every moment with my beautiful children, have cocktails every afternoon with my gal-pals, travel to the most exotic locales AND have time to go see the Rolling Stones in Mexico City. But I can’t. And when you can, it makes me a little jealous. Check out some of these folks who have given me that twinge of FB envy. Maybe you’ve had it too?

Margarita Moms — What the heck are my mom friends doing meeting for margaritas in the middle of the afternoon? Yes, I work and am jealous about this one. However, I also think I would have to take an afternoon nap instead of taking care of my kids once they got home from school if I had a mid-day cocktail. It is tough to admit, but after judging these moms, I’m back to being envious.

Business Booms — Look at my speaker friends presenting in front of amazing audiences in fantastic places. Sure, I’m busy as I want to be, but seeing pix of them behind podiums at the Bellagio in Vegas makes me feel inadequate – especially if I’m off to the Oklahoma City Ramada.

Time Takers — I’m envious of those who have a lot of time. “Just got up and it is already noon!” and “Totally relaxed and back from a 5 day spa retreat!” My husband argues that getting off of FB would create a windfall of time. He is right of course. But, the voyeur and extrovert in me will not give FB up. Plus, extra time usually gets filled up with house cleaning—not a spa trip.

Thrillers — I love my Harley riding friends. It does make me happy to think of them on their rally of rebels ride with the wind in their hair and leather on their backs. However, it does lead to a big bummer when I get in my scratched up mini-van to go pick up the kids. Dang, I knew we should have gotten the sun roof!

Vacationers — Ahhh Aruba, Hawaii, Belize …I must say I do enjoy seeing your pictures and yes, wishing I were there. Thoughts of your sandy tropical toes were running through the marshmallow in my hair as I was on a recent Tiger Cub Campout freezing my patootie off.

Jetsetters — Other people are having more fun than we are having. Reading about the latest concert, national sports event or wild party can bug me. I promptly take it out on my husband for not arranging more fun in my life. Lucky for him, the last time this came up he was saved by a pre-schooler needing a butt wiped. Truly, who am I kidding? Lately a cozy night in is much more appealing these days. But, I do miss being able to Par-tay…and stay awake past 11.

Reaction? Take Action!
Well, well well. So after all is read and done on FB, I realize that I shouldn’t be having a reaction to all of this—instead I need to take some action! There is no reason why I can’t spice up my own existence. Call your peeps and schedule an early afternoon cocktail. Take charge of your career! Get off your bottom and plan a romantic dinner at that bistro you’ve been wanting to try. As a fellow tennis player once told me while we playing, “Tennis is not a spectator sport.” Neither is life.

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