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How Thin is Your Skin?!?

Every day there is a “shame” post on our neighborhood Facebook page. “Just watched a man let his dog poop on our lawn.” “Driver in an SUV swerved in my lane and almost hit me!” “The city council didn’t respond to my email.” As a motivational speaker, one of my hot tips is to just make up a story when someone does or says something that gets on your last nerve. Today, I’m going to go deeper.


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Is Face Time Worth Your Time?

Have you ever noticed that you could go through your entire day without one human interaction? Not kidding! Amazon 1-click, online banking, kiosks at the post office, Uber Eats, Chewy to my door! With the onslaught of automated services, it’s SO easy to not deal with any human face-to-face. IBM says that by 2020, 85% of all customer interactions will be handled without a human agent. Introverts unite!  But wait…


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No Phone Funny Zone

My husband and I attended Kevin Hart’s comedy show. Upon entering the American Airlines Center, we were greeted with a note that read “Cell Phones are prohibited before and during the show.” Seriously? How’s this going to work?


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