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Order Up Customer Delight

How is it possible that some companies still don’t get it? As the emcee for a Customer Service event, I was delighted to see people still interested in providing the best possible service. Everyone knows how important good service is, yet, we all deal with crappy service WAY too often! What gives?

One of the speakers at this event was Jessie Cole (the man in the yellow tux), owner of Fans First Entertainment. His baseball team, The Savannah Bananas, is in the Coastal Plain League. They began play in 2016, sold out every game of the 2017-2019 seasons and are currently on an 88-game sellout streak.

What’s the key to the Bananas success? They are absolutely not typical. They, dare I say it, put fans first. Check out some of their videos and if Colton the “High Fiver” doesn’t make your heart swell to more than 5 times its size, please see your doctor.

Another company that totally “gets” service is Chewy. Recently there was a news article in my local paper about a bunch of undelivered packages that were tossed into a field. In the photo accompanying the story, you could clearly see boxes from Chewy. You know Chewy, right?

Anyway, there were numerous comments from loyal Chewy customers like, “Not only would Chewy replace items, they would add more things and send you a new puppy.” So many people were raving about being delighted by this company. It made me want to order something for Murphy, my old chocolate lab, even though he is spoiled enough already.

Just think what would happen if more companies were like the Savannah Bananas and Chewy, doing their best to delight customers every day? You can put a “we care” button on your employees. You can have all the “reward programs” you want. You can even put a survey code at the bottom of every receipt your register cranks out. But when you truly put people first and find ways to DELIGHT your customers (and your employees), that is when you get raving fans forever.

I challenge you to put the “serve” back into service and order up some delight, today.

What companies dish up delight?  Please share in the comments below.

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