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The word Troll has had many meanings over the years. Where I grew up in Michigan, those in the Upper Peninsula called those who lived under the Mackinac Bridge (Lower Peninsula), Trolls. To Troll downtown, meant to “check it out.” Trolling is also a method of fishing. Do you remember the Troll dolls? I have […]

LET IT GO [not just a catchy movie tune!]

Oh, how I wish I could belt out a tune like Idina Menzel in Disney’s Frozen. Well, I can belt it out, but the dogs in the neighborhood howl wildly. No worries. I don’t let my lack of singing skills stop me with this song. It is just too perfect. Let It Go. Many of […]

Reservations About Humor?

When people think about humor, it usually relates to telling jokes, or situations where you double over in laughter. To me it’s more than that – it’s about having (and making) fun in the ordinary and often dull routines in everyday life. For example, after dropping the kids off at school, I dread coming home […]

When the Guard Keeps You Up

I may be a perky motivational speaker on stage, but at home in the morning, I am a hard-core drill sergeant. After my sing song “get-out-of-bed-sleepy-head” routine, it is GO TIME. Typically, I bark orders at my elementary school babes, push blueberries, search for papers I need to sign, throw together lunches and try to […]

Overshare Beware

Too Much Info? As a motivational speaker, I try to be uplifting and inspirational. But it’s hard sometimes because people can be oblivious. Have you ever had someone corner you – someone you hardly know – and blather on, telling you his deepest, darkest. Clearly the expectation is that you’ll sit like a bobble-head doll, […]