Reservations About Humor?

When people think about humor, it usually relates to telling jokes, or situations where you double over in laughter. To me it’s more than that – it’s about having (and making) fun in the ordinary and often dull routines in everyday life.

For example, after dropping the kids off at school, I dread coming home to the disaster in my kitchen. Often times while cleaning up breakfast dishes and lunch prep chaos, our chocolate lab will plop down nearby with a heavy sigh.

In my effort to put off re-combobulating the kitchen for as long as possible, I call his name – Murphy – and then I hide behind the counter. When he scrambles to his feet, a chase around the center island ensues. Yes, I play Hide & Seek with my dog. Don’t judge me. It’s great fun and gets the blood flowing — for both of us.

Another fave in our family is the “Restaurant Name-Game.” Last week, I took my son on a lunch date to one of our favorite places, Which Wich. You build your own sandwich, turn in your order and write your name on the bottom of the bag. For kicks, we always put random names, like “Dude,” “Happy,” or “Tired Puppy” (that one would be mine). It is always a kick when the young employee yells out in a bland voice, “I have a turkey for… Tired Puppy.”

This can also backfire. My brother and his wife were going out for dinner and made reservations at their favorite restaurant. Also a goofball, he made the reservation using the name “Hungry,” and mentioned this was a special evening. At the end of their evening, the restaurant brought them a complimentary dessert with (in chocolate writing), “Happy Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Hungry!”

How can you add fun to your daily routine? One thing is for certain – humor makes memories. Figure out ways to make the mundane into something memorable. Get out there and use humor to make the ordinary extraordinary!

  1. I can just see you playing hide and go seek with your dog. Too funny.

    Thank you so much for all the humor you share with me and all of your fans. You are the BEST !!

  2. I feel that having fun is something everyone should do. Sometimes life gets so dull, but I feel you can have fun anywhere, even places that we aren’t supposed to-like work for example. In my honest opinion if you can laugh and have a sense of humor-if bosses would just lighten up people wouldn’t mind so much going to their jobs.
    Anyway love listening to you, Christine. You put things in perspective for me. Thanks for keeping me in line. 🙂

    • Danielle, you have got it going on! Humor is needed everywhere, especially in business. Happy employees want to come to work and they do a better job, too!

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