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BUSY is a Four Letter Word

Is your life rocketing by? People often say (when I say ‘people,’ I mean me), “Where is time going?!?” Who the heck knows? Every time I turn around I get a “due for a dental visit” postcard. Wasn’t I just there last month? Six months seem to pass like six weeks. Are you with me […]

LET IT GO [not just a catchy movie tune!]

Oh, how I wish I could belt out a tune like Idina Menzel in Disney’s Frozen. Well, I can belt it out, but the dogs in the neighborhood howl wildly. No worries. I don’t let my lack of singing skills stop me with this song. It is just too perfect. Let It Go. Many of […]

Do You Need Some ‘Conscious Uncoupling’?

You may have heard this term recently regarding the break-up of a certain celeb couple. Ahhh, the joy of semantics. My eye roll also got me thinking about the end of relationships — both personally and professionally. Maybe we could all use more Conscious Uncoupling in our lives. Is it a bad thing? Sad thing? […]

Who Made Downtime a Crime?

We are a week into the New Year. Are you rocking those resolutions? Yes? Good for you. No? Join the club. This is not another blog about how to achieve your goals. This is rare to hear from a motivational speaker, I know. Rather, this blog is about  freedom, balance and less pressure. Here’s the […]

Are You a Conversation Killer?

You know the type – the people who command attention the entire conversation. You know everything about them and their day, yet they did not ask you ONE question in return! The interaction was more a monologue than a dialogue. Often times you walk away from these conversations and wonder why you feel frustrated. It […]

Deprive to Revive!

So there I was, lying in a “sensory awareness” pod, floating in dense salt water. For the first 10 minutes, there is light and the sound of waves. Then darkness, and only the sound of my own breath and heartbeat. The float was featured at a speaker retreat with the goal of emerging with clarity, […]

Are We There Yet?

On our car trip in Michigan this summer, it wasn’t long before the kids started asking the universal car question –-“Are we there yet??” Knowing we still had a long way to go, I had to quash this line of questioning straight away. “Yes, we are exactly where we need to be.” This bought us […]

Are You Wearing Gotcha Goggles?

We’re on the expressway. We’ve been following a truck for some time and the HOW’S MY DRIVING? sign keeps staring back at me. I remark to my son, “Thank goodness mommy doesn’t have a sign on her car asking people to call about her driving!” He seemed happy about that too, much to my chagrin. […]

Appreciating Don

I want to tell you about Don, a truly wonderful guy. A great example of his wonderfulness (if that isn’t a word, it should be) was the time he, his wife and his mother-in-law were coming home from an overseas trip. He dropped them off curbside at the departure terminal and went on to return […]

When the Guard Keeps You Up

I may be a perky motivational speaker on stage, but at home in the morning, I am a hard-core drill sergeant. After my sing song “get-out-of-bed-sleepy-head” routine, it is GO TIME. Typically, I bark orders at my elementary school babes, push blueberries, search for papers I need to sign, throw together lunches and try to […]