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How to Fix Your Summer FOMO

Summer is wonderful…pool time…exotic vacations…beach reads…finally getting to that bucket list destination…creating wonderful memories with family and friends….


Maybe this summer wonderland thing is NOT happening for you this year. You don’t have the money to go to Costa Rica or your job is kicking your butt. Whatever the reason, you aren’t getting away. And without question, you’re bummed, disappointed, frustrated and hugely jealous. It makes perfect sense!

If the only party you are invited to this summer is a pity party for one, or you just have a case of the summer blues, here are 4 things you can do to avoid experiencing a real summer bummer:

  1. Find Your Betty

As a motivational speaker, I travel a lot and for the most part I LOVE IT. However, on a recent work trip, I was at the airport feeling huge pangs of jealousy watching everyone in the waiting area in flip flops and Hawaiian shirts. Clearly, they were flying for pleasure and I was clearly NOT.

Bring in the PUP!  A “Pets Unstressing Passengers” dog wandered into my space with her handler. She was wearing a vest that read, “Pet Me.” What?!? Unless you are allergic or late for a flight, how could you not stop to pet this sweet doggie? Her name was Betty Boop, she was a Boston Terrier, and she had her own business cards. I still didn’t get to the beach, but a few doggie kisses from Betty changed my whole attitude. Seek out something to make you smile, it may be right in front of you.

  1. Dial for Smiles

Don’t text. Don’t email. Don’t text to see if you can call. Just pick up the phone and call. Think…who is special to you that you haven’t talked to in a while? Old roommate? Nephew? A friend of your parents? Your parents! How about someone who inspired you?

Seriously. As a society, we’re getting more isolated and taking more anti-depressants. Reach out and say hello. It doesn’t have to be a long call, just long enough to let someone know you are thinking about them. Human connections are critical to our well-being. If you consciously work toward making these connections, it will enhance your life.

  1. Get a Helpers High

What nice thing have you done lately? Look for an opportunity! If you see someone returning a grocery cart to the corral, offer to take it with you as you walk into the store. If you are golfing with a slow group, let the people behind you play through. If you’re at the drive-thru, pay for coffee for the person behind you. Sometimes just a smile or holding a door can make a difference in YOUR day. When you lift others, you rise as well. Give the gift of kindness and you’ll feel the lift in your spirit.

  1. From Mundane to Magic

If you aren’t going anywhere, what can you do to bring summertime fun to you? Add a small umbrella to your orange juice. Have a picnic on your living room floor. Pitch that backyard tent and sleep outdoors. Memories can be made with little money and creative thinking.

Don’t put so much pressure on yourself. Your dream summer may not be happening this year, but what you make of it is totally up to you. NOMO FOMO, baby. That is, No More Fear Of Missing Out. You’ve got this.


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