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Get Off Your Assets

Whenever I text “On my way,” it somehow becomes, “In my way.” Interesting. Could be the proximity of the O and I on the keypad. My giant thumbs, perhaps? Or, could it be a sign?

How many of us are in our own way? Why aren’t we where we want to be? Many of us blame circumstances, spout excuses, or put off what we really want until later (like later ever comes). You may think you will get serious about your goals, “when the kids are grown,” “when you have more money,” or “when you have more time.” But will you???


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Conversation Master or Disaster?

My son just started at a new high school. As he knows no one, his motivational-speaker mom provided this brilliant advice: “I bet there are a lot of new kids. Just say hello and introduce yourself. Ask them about themselves and before you know it, you’ve started a conversation and maybe made a new friend.” Easy breezy. He’s a great kid. He’s got this!


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Is Compassion Out of Fashion?

As a seasoned traveler, I pride myself on getting through airport security like a pro — especially at DFW, my home airport. Imagine my chagrin to find TSA had installed a new inspection system and nobody called me!

Much like European airports, you approach a “station,” put your items in a bin, then push the bin to a conveyor that moves it through x-ray. If you’re lucky, your bin continues to the exit area without a hitch. FREEDOM! YAY!


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Sorry, We're TOO BUSY

BUSY is a Four Letter Word

Is your life rocketing by? People often say (when I say ‘people,’ I mean me), “Where is time going?!?” Who the heck knows? Every time I turn around I get a “due for a dental visit” postcard. Wasn’t I just there last month? Six months seem to pass like six weeks. Are you with me on this? When a new season hits, it is always a surprise. Wasn’t it just Christmas? Valentine’s Day? July 4??


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When NO PROBLEM is a Problem

The waiter screwed up our order. I tell him that it is okay, and he responds with, “No problem.” Ummm…it actually was a problem. Have you ever walked out of a store and said thank you and gotten the, “No problem” response? Did I miss a problem? When did everyone born after 1985 decide that “No problem” was interchangeable with “You’re welcome”?


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Swatting and Thank You

Stop Swatting and Say Thank You

You did a great job on the project! 
Well, it was a group effort.


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