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Is Face Time Worth Your Time?

Have you ever noticed that you could go through your entire day without one human interaction? Not kidding! Amazon 1-click, online banking, kiosks at the post office, Uber Eats, Chewy to my door! With the onslaught of automated services, it’s SO easy to not deal with any human face-to-face. IBM says that by 2020, 85% of all customer interactions will be handled without a human agent. Introverts unite!  But wait…


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No Phone Funny Zone

My husband and I attended Kevin Hart’s comedy show. Upon entering the American Airlines Center, we were greeted with a note that read “Cell Phones are prohibited before and during the show.” Seriously? How’s this going to work?


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Get Off Your Assets

Whenever I text “On my way,” it somehow becomes, “In my way.” Interesting. Could be the proximity of the O and I on the keypad. My giant thumbs, perhaps? Or, could it be a sign?

How many of us are in our own way? Why aren’t we where we want to be? Many of us blame circumstances, spout excuses, or put off what we really want until later (like later ever comes). You may think you will get serious about your goals, “when the kids are grown,” “when you have more money,” or “when you have more time.” But will you???


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